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Bally War
This is War for the Bally Astrocade. It's the first homebrew made for the Bally, or, at least the first one in over 20 years as some of the games written during the Bally's lifetime could have been considered homebrews. This game resembles the arcade game Warlords by Atari. Elements from both the Atari 2600 version and the coin-op were used.

The goal of the game is to protect your castle from fireball projectiles while trying to destroy the other players. Every time a fireball gets past your shield and makes contact with your castle, your castle will take some damage. If a fireball makes it's way past the castle walls and into the ruler area, that player will be destroyed.

Players may grab onto a fireball by holding the trigger at the time a fireball makes contact with their shield. When the player releases the trigger, the ball will be hurled away from them in the direction of the shield. Hurled fireball are faster and do more damage when they contact a castle. Be careful not to hold onto a fireball too long, however, as sparks will fly off held fireballs to chip away at your own castle's walls.

Play continues until only one player is remaining, ending that round and giving that player a point. The points needed for overall victory are determined at the beginning of the game. 1-4 players can play, with computer opponents filling the spots not used by human players.

Special attention was given to robust fireball-to-shield and fireball-to-castle collisions. A lot of color is used in this game which gives it a unique look for the Astrocade. Optimized graphics routines give this game fast and smooth gameplay with a framerate higher than what's shown by the movie on this page.

This game had a very limited release (20) in the fall of 2010 by Bally Alley with a second run of 30 released in 2011.

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